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Myers on TV


Ben was recently featured in the TV series, "In the Spotlight!" Click on the link to watch.

Carnegie Hall

10.21.10 |8:30

New York City

The word is out! The Gemini Piano Trio's Carnegie Hall Debut is a great success! Read the review by Edith Eisler, by clicking on "related site" below!

New Bow


Benjamin Myers is excited to announce that he is a proud owner of a gold-mounted Kanestrom bow. Ole Kanestrom has won four gold medals--the maximum amount--in competition from the Violin Society of America, and this is one of his best examples. In a blind test, Ben picked this bow over several fine French bows! The bow exhibits power and evenness from frog to tip, and spins out a focused and silken sound in pianissimo playing. Check out the website!